At Tech Connections we are committed to only delivering the best possible broadband products for our customers. This is why we have chosen to only offer high speed broadband services. This means we only offer fibre and high speed access products to customers where we know we can deliver a consistently good quality internet connection.

We also know that getting fibre can sometimes be frustrating for small businesses as you need to have someone there for both the planning visit (where they decide the fibre needs to be installed) and then once all the paperwork has been approved you need to hand around the office again for a few hours while they install it. If you connect your fibre with Tech Connections you also get the option of having us on site throughout both processes, we talk over the install path with you before the fibre company arrives and then liaise with them right up until you are all connected.

We think this is a better way to provide service to our customers instead of mailing out a new modem to them and then expecting them to wait on hold for hours to get help. As we have no contracts this also means we don’t send out modems that can often have difficulty meeting the needs of most users, when you connect with us we discuss your needs and then recommend a modem that is going to meet them.

Best Value!
Business 300
Awesome option for small office

Business Max
Best choice for super users or cafes
Choose your plan$110.00 per month$125 per month
Perfect for home officeBest choice for super users or cafes
Amount of data includedUnlimitedUnlimited
Download speed300Mbps950Mbps
Upload speed300Mbps450Mbps
Static IP price$7$7
Connection Fee$99.99$99.99
Open Term
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All rates listed here exclude GST

*A one-off installation admin fee may also apply for new Fibre connections.
^Additional tail extension costs may apply for connections outside of our main coverage areas.