Secure VoIP Apps


Our free Secure VoIP mobile App for Apple and Android Smartphones allow customers to move away from traditional ‘fixed’ handsets, to their existing desktop or smartphone without losing any of the rich features they have come to expect from their existing phone system.

We also have a unique feature called ‘Location Profiles’ for our Smartphone App which allow a user to use GPS locations to define call flows for incoming calls. By utilizing our Cloud PBX features which are built-in to the App, businesses and home users can now rid themselves of their inflexible, expensive handsets and phone systems and move their lines onto their mobiles at no extra cost.





Save Money

You no longer need to buy or replace hardware, or pay for support contracts or cabling/setup costs. Setup is easy and our bundles offer amazing value!

No Hardware or Hybrid

By moving all or some of your existing phone lines to Hero Connect you no longer need to worry about physical hardware. You can have a hybrid model where some users retain handsets while others use our Apps.

Geographic Mobility

You can now take your fixed line services anywhere you want in the world without having to setup expensive call forwarding. All you need is a WIFI or 3G/4G internet connection.

Manage Your Calls

Our Apps allow you to control your advanced calling features right inside the App itself without the user having to login to a separate web portal or by dialing feature star codes.

Scale On Demand

No longer do you need to worry about new staff needing phones to be setup or configured. Simply download the App as many times as you need and scale your phone systems easily.

HD Voice and Video

Our mobile Apps offer high definition voice and video calling capabilities along with advanced call transfer and 3-way calling functionality